Once Ramakrishna was explaining the basic tenets of Vaishnavaism ." --- and compassion for the living" As he mentioned that he went into ecstatic mood. After a little while in a semi - normal state he said "--- not compassion but service. Serving the divine in the living." Narendra (later Swami Vivekananda) was in the audience and perhaps the only one who got the deep import of Thakur's words. He remarked to Sarat (later Swami Saradananda) that he learnt something new that day and he would preach it to the world someday. Many years later when he established Ramakrishna Mission he made it an integral part of its ethos and started a new age in the religious history of India and the world. Worshipping the divine in the man became a new path of self-realization rejuvenating all the Indian religions.

Our Indore Centre follows the dictum of Swami Vivekananda and participates in the various relief activities of the Ramakrishna Mission, serving the poor, the afflicted, the ill and downtrodden by contributing donations from local devotees. We also do regular winter relief work comprising distribution of blankets, food grains and edible oil to pre-identified local needy families. Readymade garments made available by devotees are also distributed poor people.

Sister Nivedita's 150th Birth Anniversary

Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita.


Words of Wisdom

"He is born in vain who, having attained the human birth, so difficult to get, does not attempt to realize God in this very life"

...said Sri Ramakrishna


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