Holy Mother Sri Sarda Devi

A heart which beats in unison with all other hearts, a serenity which absorbs all the disturbances that cloud the Earth, a wisdom which finds acceptance in the commonest instinct as in the utmost logical reasoning, an assurance which leads, protects, guides and blesses the seeking soul of humanity in most exalted yet simplest "ownness", divinity that spoke to humanity and even now speaks - thus does Holy Mother Sri Sardadevi present Herself in Her Human disguise.

To her parents she had revealed herself before birth, as the Eternal Virgin - the Eternal Mother in the aspect of a Girl-of-five. To a visitor she had appeared to be in distinguishably one with the Goddess Jagadhatri. To her nephew she disclosed that she was Mother Kali. To many, she revealed herself in a dream before they had actually seen her, thus making herself known as the Eternal Knower-of-All. Her Christian children saw her to be the Virgin Mother, to the Muslim population around her village, she was their own Mother-Compassionate. Sri Ramakrishna called her Saraswati, worshipped her as Kali and treated her as Lakshmi. She lived to revive the Motherhood-of-God on Earth. Swami Vivekananda endearingly called her Durga, Sister Nivedita saw in her the supreme Mother hood. Those who surrendered themselves to her conquered the fear of death and some were even brought back from the jaws of death.

She instilled courage, inculcated faith and strength-of-will, lightened the burden of life and bestowed peace and discrimination. Yet, she was the simplest presentation that humanity ever saw. Her character presents Her as Rajrajeshwari- Queen Mother of the Universe.

Born in a tiny village of Jayarambati in West Bengal on 22 December 1853 to Sri Ramchandra Mukhopadhyay and Shyamasundari Devi. Since from childhood she was the embodiment of Love and tolerance. At the tender age of six she got married to Sri Ramakrishna dev. He was fully aware of Sarda's divine nature and her future Mission.On an auspicious night he arranged a special worship of the divine mother. Sarda took the place of the deity and her husband offered her formal worship. He used to look after Sarda as the Mother of the Universe.

She had daily chores to attend- She would sometimes have to cook continually in a day, fetch water from the river, feed her innumerable children and doing numerous such odd jobs all through her life and doing lakhs of Japa(chanting of the Holy Name) daily.

Holy Mother Sri Sarda Devi, like her husband, was Divinity Incarnate. She left her mortal body on 21st July 1920and was cremated on the bank of the Ganga at the Belur Math .Today on this very spot stands a beautiful little temple. In Mother it is as though the Upanishdic Wisdom Itself incarnated in Her form to show mankind by example the manifestation of the highest. Ever inseparable from the Lord, came thus to live and show the path that leads to Him.

Sister Nivedita's 150th Birth Anniversary

Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita.


Words of Wisdom

"He is born in vain who, having attained the human birth, so difficult to get, does not attempt to realize God in this very life"

...said Sri Ramakrishna


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