Gadadhar Abhyuday Prakalap

(Integrated Child Development Project for Children from Underprivileged Background)


With goal of holistic development of children from deprived background & create a strong foundation of 3 H’s- Hands, Heart & Head among these future of India, A program named after childhood name of Sri Ramakrishna “Gadadhar”, Gadadhar Abhyuday Prakalap (GAP) was instigated in October of 2010 as a part of 4 year-long 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Swami Vivekananda for 3 fold development Physical, Mental, & Intellectual   of children from deprived background. Since then the program is been running.

Aims of GAP:

  • To nourish them for their physical development
  • To inculcate a sense of cleanliness and hygiene in them
  • To educate them with special coaching on their school subjects
  • To instill moral and cultural values in the aforesaid targeted children
  • To prepare them to be good citizens of India

Composition of Program:

GAP is a composite program having different activities of Mental, Physical & Intellectual Development of children coming from bottom of the pyramid, for aforesaid targeted children between age of 5 – 12 years. The class is conducted daily (except Saturdays & Sundays) from 4 to 6 pm.


The project is being implemented by Monks & Volunteers of our center with service mindset. The GAP teachers take classes on schools subjects, exercises, meditation, painting, singing, value education, etc. as per the pre-scheduled daily routines. Apart from the paid teachers, our monks and volunteers render free services in this project to help the children learn different subjects.

Number of children benefited under the program for year 2017-18 were 70.

Financial Needs & Details:   

The positive impact of the program does compel us to continue with the program, to enable continuing of program we seek financial help.

You can contribute in following way:

    You can donate Rs. 2100 as a One day average expense.


     You can donate Rs. 51000 as a Month’s expense.

We most welcome your contribution in most easeful way you wish.

The yearly expenses incurred on running this program is around INR 6, 12,000