Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans

As the same moon rises in the sky again & again, so the same God descends to the earth as a human being in different places and in different times to fulfill the need of the age & to point out the goal human life.

Middle of 19th century, India was occupied by foreign powers for very long time. Her values, ideologies and culture got concealed under layers of ignorance. In contemporary times west saw rapid growth of science and technology spear headed by industrial revolution. Discord prevailed amongst followers of different faiths and scientific spirit of enquiry shook religion and spirituality to their roots. Time was right for somebody to experimentally verify fundamentals of spirituality and establish very essential harmony of religion.

And to do so, Sri Ramakrishna was born on Wednesday, 18th February 1836, in village of Kamarpukur, 60 miles northwest of Kolkata in simple and religious family of Kshudiram Chattopadhyaya and Chandramani Devi & was named Gadadhar. He had spiritual disposition from his childhood and was disinclined towards formal education and worldly affairs.

In his youth Sri Ramakrishna was appointed as priest at kali temple at Dakshineshwar, here god is worshipped as Mother Kali. It is here that Sri Ramakrishna began his spiritual journey in earnest.  He prayed and meditated on mother 24 hours a day & had a remarkable experience.

Sri Ramakrishna’s inner urge impelled him to follow various spiritual disciplines described in Hinduism & realized God through them. He followed paths of Islam and Christianity and attained highest realization through each of them.

Sri Ramakrishna expressed his quantizes of his 12 year spiritual sadhana in simple dictum

“As many faiths so many paths”.

Thus proclaiming the purpose of his coming, establishing harmony of religion and exhibit the world, highest truth can be attained even in this materialistic world. Sri Ramakrishna habitually lived in highest state of realization where he saw god in every living being.

As bees swarm around fully blossomed flower, like-wise now devotees started coming to Sri Ramakrishna. He divided them into 2 groups; household disciples whom he taught how to realize god while discharging their household duties and other one being band of young educated youth whom he trained to become monk.  Foremost among them was Narendranath Dutt, later was known as Swami Vivekananda who carried torch of Vedanta world over. It was through him that Sri Ramakrishna’s errand was spreaded to the world!

He passed into eternity on August 16th 1886 at Cossipore garden house in Kolkata.